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Why Guardians of the Galaxy Was Better Than The Avengers

Spoilers after the break.  Here are my stream-of-conciousness ramblings about why Guardians of the Galaxy could be one of the best films to come out of the Marvel factory.

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Another TLOU Movie Update…

Maisie Williams would be a BRILLIANT choice to play Ellie.  Her portrayal of Arya on Game of Thrones is fantastic and she will bring that tough, yet youthful spark to Ellie.  Also, Sam Raimi producing is a good choice and my worries about a bad director have gone down significantly.

Because I wasn’t finished kissing TLOU’s ass…

Recently watched Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (great movie), and would love to add two potential candidates to the movie.  One would be director Matt Reeves, this man knows how to direct a post-apocalyptic movie.  Also with his previous films Let Me In and Cloverfield, he can also do dark scary shit at the right moments.  The second would be actor Jason Clarke as Joel (or possibly his brother Tommy).  The man is can play tough and rugged, while still looking relatively handsome.

Can’t wait to play it on PS4 next week, seeing it in 1080p/60 fps with enhanced textures should be a real treat.  Plus audio commentaries for all the cutscenes, the geek in me loves that.